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    Parts that will fit on a Jeep Commander

    Hello all

    My friend has a Jeep Commander and they're looking to fix a few things on their Jeep but in my area it's very hard to find Jeep Commander parts and there are no wrecking yards that have Jeep commanders in them so it's not like I can just go find parts that easily some people on Kijiji are parting out there Jeep commanders but they want so much money for a little tiny things and it's really not worth it I was wondering if there is another similar Jeep to the Jeep Commander but I could just take Parts off of and swap over

    Parts list

    Inner door handles
    Seat belts
    Driver side and passenger side mirror not the outer plastic just the reflective mirror face

    The Jeep Commander I have is a 2006 with all the features and towing package 4.7 L

    I'm really hoping there's something out there thank you so much for taking your time to read this all the best

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    maybe check out the commander forum if you're not on there yet. if anyone would know, it would be there. i don't recall anyone here having had a commander.
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    We had at least one commander owner here, same guy who built kijijeep but I can't remember his username.
    However the commander shares a lot of parts with the same generation grand cherokee. I'd start my search there, nothing for sure but it's a place to look.

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    you can check auto recyclers across the country on



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