Yes and no. Most times unless a job is really strange and you suspect management will be asking questions the update for us anyway is along the lines of "replaced whatever part was ordered and tested ok" detailed troubleshooting info usually isn't required.

It's also I suspect code for "no, nobody took it apart, because that's not usually required. But you as the customer don't want to hear it, no matter how reasonable I think it is, so I won't say it."

Honestly in a service job where you are pushed hard from above to produce numbers, things tend to get glossed over when it's just a run of the mill job. Now that it's obvious not just a doa part they will pay particular attention and hopefully find the root cause. But most times a leaking seal is just caused by a bad seal so it gets treated that way.

Same in a printer, most times a paper jam is just a worn roller. If i replace it and then get called for the same jam a week later I'll look harder. But the first time they just get the quick easy fix.