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South Wind
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    Quote Originally Posted by STP743 View Post
    Looking good! Make sure someone reviews the truss drawings so they are built to the right length. It really sucks when trusses show up 6" too short.

    All this garage talk has finally got my but in gear to get drawing up my garage build.

    With your height (awesome) the garage must be offset from the property line considerably?
    Ya that would suck, my GC has triple checked as the rear door and windows were wrong as well. I cant remember off the top of my head what the setback was but the biggest concern the city had was it wasn't taller then my house (bungalow). Luckily the builder of the house did quite a bit of grading to the property for the septic and dropped the house almost on top of that. There is quite an elevation change from the house to the garage.

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    dude, this is amazing...i'm super jealous.
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