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    Quote Originally Posted by DFT View Post
    I'll put something together on this one. I think my 2 man is in need of new taping anyways. I'll try to remember to take pics along the way.

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    Just cruising around the forums here, and having spent 15+ years in the technical side of the outdoor gear world - can add a few things for those who happen upon this tent thread (great job OP BTW).

    - trickle down effect has been huge in gear innovation the last 10 years, a $200 tent today is a high end tent from 15 years ago.
    - stick to top outdoor brands and you won't go wrong, the north face, mountain hardware, etc etc (their entry level tents will be better than other department store tents dollar for dollar, every time)
    - What seasons do you camp in? If you would camp spring/late fall, a 3 season tent would be a wise choice (you can tell the "seasons" a tent is designed for based on the amount of mesh on the main tent body. 0-25% mesh = 4 season use (holding heat), 25-50% mesh = 3 season use, 50-75% mesh = fair weather (warm) only.
    - TENT CARE:
    - always make sure your tent is dry when you pack it, take the fly off first thing in the morning and hang it where the sun will hit the underside (where the PU coating is, also where all of your condensation gets trapped overnight). Doing this for an hour in the sun while you break camp and you are good to go. If no sun, take out and dry when you get home.
    - when packing your tent up, keep poles and pegs in a separate sleeve - all good tents have this, makes it easier to split up the weight when hiking also
    - before packing up, take out all your stakes, leave the tent body intact, open all of the doors and hold the tent "upside down" and over your head by the poles.. Shake it out over your head, you do this so that you can quickly get all the junk and debris out that you have collected, saving your mesh when packed up. All decent tents can be held overhead, cheap tents may not...
    - when packing, put the body of the tent in the main storage sleeve first, DONT fold it - just ram it in there. Helps prevent repetitive creasing/wear lines on the waterproof and seams.
    - if your storage/carry bag has compression straps, use them only when needed to avoid overcompressing the tent and fly, better yet, store your tent, fly and sleeping bags - in a cotton pillow case (or just hang them up in the basement), so they can breathe

    I could go on and on about the technical parts of tents, but I believe that for the majority of us (car campers and people who might hike or portage on occasion), the OP suggestion is pretty good. Aluminum poles for sure, 2 or 3 season is best (3 being most versatile), I prefer pole sleeves to pole clips on the body for ease of setup, fully taped seams are a must, branded (YKK) zippers should be standard fare, all tent body pieces should have been die cut (easy to operate with one hand only), lighter colours are best for when it's raining or you are tent ridden (light comes through more easily).

    Follow the care above, and you will have no need to re-tape seams or shop for a replacement anytime soon!
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    I haven't forgotten about this thread. seam sealing/re taping coming in the spring.
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