Misellaneous For Sale Rules:

  • Must contain a price - No "best offer" or "obo" (without a price listed as well)
  • Must give a description of the item(s)
  • A location should be provided if not already in your User Profile
  • User's for sale threads are not open to criticism or remarks regarding the items for sale or price and will not be tolerated
  • You may "bump" your for sale thread once per 24 hour period
  • Personal sales only, no businesses, dealerships, companies etc. without the consent of the Administration team

Photos and an in depth description will definitely help in selling your item(s) . You are welcome to include a link to a Kijiji ad if you have it for sale on there as well, along with your post.

Once the item(s) have been sold or you wish to have the thread removed, simply use the Report button in the bottom left hand corner of your original post and the thread will be sent to the Archive.

Happy selling