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01-18-2016, 12:56 AM
So I was watching some videos on youtube and stumbled across some tool reviews.

Figured I'd post up some neat different tools that look handy as all hell but most people don't own, and may not even know about.
Feel free to add your own finds.

First up, the Tite-Reach
it's got 2 3/8" or 1/4" square holes in it that are connected by a chain. you put your ratchet in one end and with the supplied adapter you put the socket on the other. This lets you spin the ratchet 10" away from the fastener, so in that tight spot where you could only move the ratchet 1 tooth at a time you are now free to do a full sweep or even use power tools.


Second one is called the Maxx-Leverage.
it's a simple tool, its job is frequently accomplished with a length of pipe. This is a bit more of an elegant solution to the problem, particularly when used with wrenches. Basically it makes your tool longer, be it a ratchet or wrench.


now... back to youtube.